SILVER STITCHERS - brain injury textiles club

Monday 10:00-12:00

‘Silver Stitchers’ is a weekly adult course for people living with brain injury full of friendly chat and the sharing of ideas.  It is taught by fashion and textiles tutor Beth Morris and we take inspiration for textiles and surface pattern from art, our social environments and of course Insole Court. 

Come along and play with fabrics. We’ll deconstruct, re-construct, draw, paint, stitch, dye, rip, weave, embroider and embellish. This course will teach you how to challenge yourself and explore a world of colour, pattern and print. Some weeks we’ll work to a theme and others we’ll be inspired by artists and crafts people.

Let’s start a creative journey together, where you’ll make new friends and share fantastic stitch stories. Although all materials are provided, it’s a perfect opportunity to use up vintage fabrics and all those inspiring bits and pieces that have been in your sewing box for years! No previous experience necessary. 


'SILVER SKETCHERS 1' - brain injury art club

Thursday 10:00-12:00

This weekly art club focuses on art as a therapeutic activity for health and well-being for up to 12 adults.


The artistic results of the students in such a short time of learning are pretty incredible! Beth’s guidance has drawn out hidden talents as she has encouraged and gently pushed the artists to challenge themselves and try new things. She has also enabled them to see what might be perceived as a dreadful error, can in fact be turned into something beautiful.


The classes are calming and encourage the artists to be still, to focus, and forget about everything else. One Silver Sketcher described the classes as a ‘spoonful of honey’ and they count down the days until their next meet. Confidence within The Silver Sketchers has increased, not just in their abilities but also in working as a group to inspire each other.


Sharing this learning experience is proving beneficial with some great memories and friendship being created. 


'SILVER SKETCHERS 2' - brain injury art club

Thursday 2:00-3:30


Following the success of The Silver Sketchers art group that has been running since March, we have launched a second small dedicated art workshop for people living with brain injury.


The students will be inspired by their environment, experiment with art materials and discover artists old and new. ‘Through drawing we learn to see’ so together we will explore the world of art by filling a sketch-book and sharing experiences with new friends and fellow artists.


All materials provided and all abilities welcome. There is space on this course so please get in touch.


ALL SILVER LINING WORKSHOPS ARE FREE - However, booking and registration via email is necessary.


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